• Would you like a unique name for your business?

  • Would you like to learn tips for naming that will get your brand noticed?

  • Would you like to understand how to name a product or a service?

Name Your Brand

Each modules contains a video and worksheets. Read more about the course below and access the welcome module for free.

  1. 2
    • Why are brand names important? What are the different categories of name to consider? Uncover the story behind the names of your favourite brands.

  2. 3
    • Names might feel like they’re plucked from thin air, but there is a strategy. This module is all about gaining inspiration for your brand name story.

  3. 4
    • To come up with the best brand name you have to have lots of ideas. The first idea might turn out to be the best, but you won’t know until you explore options

  4. 5
    • You should have a long list of names by now. This module will help you choose the right name and also what to do if you can’t seem to register your perfect name.

  5. 6

Name Your Brand

Would you like to learn all this and create a unique name for your business?

Brands I’ve created

Brand owners I’ve helped

Navigates a room of senior stakeholders brilliantly

Samantha Brown; Head of Marketing and Communications, SafeLives, Bristol Community Health

Without exception I’ve found Nigel’s creative vision and expertise to be invaluable in helping us achieve our strategic aims. He can navigate a room of senior stakeholders brilliantly, helping everyone to move forward and to reach a decision quickly on a tricky brand project (no mean feat!).

Illuminated and happy!

Deborah Ager; Owner, Radiant Media

Illuminated and happy! That's how I felt after working with Nigel. He helped me untangle my brand with his clear process and wise counsel. At our first workshop, Nigel shared concepts that allowed me to see the possibilities for what could be done with my brand in the future. Reach out to Nigel Davies when you need brand clarity.

...really understand the client and the issues

Will Roberts; Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Energy UK

I’ve worked with Nigel on two completely different branding projects, one for a trade association and another for a business partnership. What stands out from his approach is the work that is put in to really understand the client and the issues. His creative ideas are therefore always rigorously thought through.

...showed me what was possible

Pamela Langan; Queen of Careers (TM)

There isn’t anything that Nigel doesn’t know about empowering your brand. Nigel showed me how to tell my brand story and create a consistent style across all platforms. He showed me what was possible for the future and how I could take my brand to the next level.

One of the best investments...

Penny Phillpots; Board Trustee, Educate Together

Any time or money spent with Nigel on your brand is one of the best investments you can make for your business. He makes it fun too.

Creative, incisive thinking

Mark Puncher (he / him); Dad, CEO at Employer Branding Australia, Gin Enthusiast

Nigel is a brilliant guy to work with. His creative, incisive thinking made a huge difference in the work we did together at and I valued his pragmatism, flexibility and high integrity. Look forward to working together at the next opportunity!

Name Your Brand

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